Customized cases Hulshof

Personal storage device in the shape of a case.

You are often on the road to visit customers or you regularly work in different locations. Then our tailor-made cases are a solution for transporting all kinds of supplies, such as a laptop and mobile printer, office supplies, samples or a demo of your product. But you can also think of a complete cash register system built into a case, to give a demonstration on location, or your assortment neatly presented in a case.

The cases can even be provided with your logo or a color scheme that matches your corporate identity. We can offer a good solution for every application.

Solutions that allow you to work efficiently and that you further enhance your professionalism.

Business Cases Hand made

Satisfied users from the business services

An efficient solution can be found for every issue. Some examples for which our suitcases are extremely suitable.

Business services

- Business advisors
- Communication advisors
- Legal advisers
- Administrative services
- Consultancy
- Value and damage assessment
- Social worker


- Ministries
- Provinces
- Municipalities
- Water boards
- Police services

- Welfare care
- Healthcare
- GPs
- Doctors
- District nurses