Mix and Match

Van Heek approached us a few weeks ago with the question whether we could modify a file product for them. The product is a case in which the Betica items must be stored. Betica has all kinds of products for diabetics. These cases are used as a presentation case.

For the existing cardboard case, we have designed a foam section that perfectly accommodates the various items. This way the cardboard case can easily be used, but with a new inside.

In addition, we have designed a completely new aluminum case for the representatives of the product. The outside is provided with the logo and the inside we used the same foam as with the cardboard cases.

Joris Logtens from Van Heek:

"The suitcases have been fine so far. They are a lot more durable than the previous ones we had. In terms of appearance, fits well with the high quality of the brand and supports a professional presentation. Handy that our people have everything to hand."

Representative Case Van Heek