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Almost every classroom, courses and trainings are working with laptops and/or tablets. But how do you get multiple laptops and tablets easily transported to the classroom, without the risk of damage? And when the lesson or course starts, you want to be able to start immediately and not wait until all the batteries are charged. This requires a new solution.

Hulshof has experience in customizing suitcases that offer optimum protection for your laptops, tablets or beamers. The size of the case is adjusted to the number of laptops or tablets that you want to store. If you want to charge the equipment from the case, we will arrange that for you, with or without a built-in ventilation. And if you want to make the suitcase recognizable with the logo of your school, then that is possible. With Hulshof's cases you turn every lesson and training into an interactive learning experience.

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- Preschool education

- Primary education

- High school

- Secondary vocational education

- Special education


- Company training

- Courses

- Seminars

- Presentations


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