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A customized case can be a solution.

A standard product is not always the solution for your specific wishes. Hulshof Business Cases is happy to think along with you to find a suitable solution. Together with you we make an inventory of your requirements and wishes, whereby we not only look at the product, but also at your usage situation. For example, if you travel a lot and what you are carrying is fairly heavy, then a trolley is handy. If you then want to present your articles from the case to your customer, a system with removable drawers can be a good solution. And if it is more convenient to present from the case, you don't want dirty wheels on the table.

In many cases, a suitcase from our standard range is a starting point for a customized solution. By means of small adjustments, such as another lock or a panel with your logo, a standard case becomes a customized case. It may also be that it is not yet known what the final solution will look like. In this case we start a complete development process. Together we go through a number of steps to achieve the desired result. From idea to end product, structured and with clear decision moments.

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We have a own design department

Hulshof Business Cases has its own design department. Our team of enthusiastic employees makes prototypes based on CAD drawings. This makes a visualization of the solution we have in mind at an early stage. This allows us to assess whether the product meets the requirements: does the content fit, is it easy to place and remove. If desired or necessary, we have tests done by external specialists.

A prototype offers you the opportunity to gain the first experiences with a physical product and to adjust any requirements and wishes accordingly. In this way the development process is followed until the result meets your expectations. We start production based on this.

Whether it is an adaptation of a standard product or the development of an entirely new product: we love a challenge, challenge ourselves, because our motto is:

Cannot? Sure can!

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