Vello solution customized case components

From many individual components ...

Vello Elektro was looking for a solution for the PowerSyntax®. They have different series of these single-pole connectors. Mr. van Velsen came to us with a large container with connectors. His question was: "Can you place these parts in a professional case?" Of course we can. The different connectors have remained at Hulshof and our design department has started working. The basic principle of the case is a standard case with a few adjustments here and there.

On the inside there is a piece of foam where the different connectors fit perfectly. We have left a small space behind for brochures, writing folders, etc. In the lid we have placed three cases and a piece of foam has been applied for protection.

The panels of the case are provided with images of the connectors and the Vello logo. In this way, a standard case with here and there a number of adjustments becomes a beautiful eye-catcher.