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Question and answer

The process starts by asking questions, so we ultimately arrive at the right packaging solution. What questions do we ask:

- What is your suitcase used for? Presenting, Organizing, Education, Training, Transport, taking products etc.

- What is the load on the suitcase? Do you travel all over the world? Does it have to be resistant to different surfaces (asphalt, tiles, cobbles)? Should it be easy to take with you in the car?

- Do you want the branding to be reflected in the product?

- Do you prefer material? Aluminum profile case, Plastic (ABS) case

- Which interior fits best with your suitcase? Products embedded in foam, division of compartments or drawers?

- What is your budget for a customized suitcase?

Tell us what you want to pack and we will provide a beautiful tailor-made case.

Tell us

You tell us which wishes and requirements your case must meet. We will work with this and show you what solution we have in mind. Our experts have years of experience with the complexity of the right packaging. Together with our own production we go to work to create the ideal tailor-made case for you.